We Promote Movies in different cities pan India & Internationally whether a concert in a city, star meet & greets in malls, College activities or any other activity. Also, we provide a chance to people, brands, companies, etc to get associated with it as a sponsor. We offer a range of benefits to our sponsoring partners as well.

City Tours

We are the team behind making movie promotions a success. We bring stars to your city, be it colleges, Malls, press conferences or crowd interactions, we make it all happen in one curated plan.

In-Film Branding

A Global reach and persistent approach is something every brand strive for. We bring you the opportunity to have the global presence of your brand while having celebrities endorsing your brand on global level.


Collaborating your brands to movies while getting the maximum eye balls. Bringing the concept base co-branding solutions for your brand is what we excel at.