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Designed to create a real buzz around your business or product, our promotional events are guaranteed to be interactive, engaging and, most importantly, memorable.


One size certainly does not fit all. Experiential events have no rule book; creativity and originality step this way.


We listen to your ideas and create innovative experiences that reflect your brand’s personality. Our creative and technical teams work hand-in-hand to produce something that’s different, ground-breaking and dare we say unique. We draw on our experience to fulfill your brief however off-the-wall (in fact the more out-there the better), but always remembering that your brand needs to shine through.

We think the experiential events that have really succeeded are the ones that have harnessed our creative approach to technology – it’s not just our design team with fantastic imaginations.

Got an idea on a scrap of paper, then show it to us and together let’s produce something spectacular.

1.    Brand Activations

2.    Sustainable Events

3.    Press Launch

4.    Roadshow

5.    Media and PR Events

6.    Pop Up Shows

7.    Mobile Tours

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